Thursday, September 1, 2022



How & Why DummyEggs® Began grew out of our own total confusion when our bonded pair of Cockatiels laid fertile eggs at a time when we could not spend time caring for a needy clutch of chicks. We searched the newly burgeoning internet and found an occasional post about using fake eggs to replace the real ones. Finding plastic eggs became an enormous challenge. Egg laying is an important subject that no one wants to talk about and surprises many pet owners who are at a loss as to what to do when it happens.

That was in 2006, when Melanie & Kirk started as a one page website to sell the 3 sizes of plastic eggs they were able to import from Europe. After that, we resourced many different size eggs from various undependable sources. Finally in 2014, we contracted an injection molding company and manufactured our own dummy eggs.

Now, 15 years later, 2021, the use and existence of dummy eggs to help control breeding is well known. Avian Veterinarians recommend our site to clients on a regular basis. has helped veterinarians deal with frantic bird owners whose hen has done what hens naturally do... lay eggs.

With dummy eggs now available for all size pet birds, people who care for the health of their precious birds can quickly and easily find information on what to do when their bird lays an egg. The worst thing you can do for your bird is just throw the egg(s) away. This forces them to quickly replace the missing egg(s) draining their bodies of vital calcium and nutrients which in turn can cause devasting effects such as egg binding and calcium deficiency. Life threatening symptoms that do require an avian veterinarian immediately.

Common advise is often to make your bird feel less secure, less comfortable because hens won't lay if they feel threatened or food insecure. Our philosophy has always been to give them what they really want, A FULL CLUTCH OF EGGS. This is when nature signals to stop laying more eggs. Birds count their eggs! A bowl of dummy eggs simulate a full clutch of eggs that your hen can sit on until she looses interest. She feels fulfilled and you are in control. So simple! So healthy! If you follow our directions, they can work like magic!

Melanie & Kirk